Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pudgy Pups Fit Camp

Losing weight is hard for everyone…our “fur” family members included. You cannot control many factors regarding your pet’s health but you can help them to control their weight! Overweight dogs have many health problems and even a decreased life expectancy. Here at VCA Veterinary Referral Associates we wanted to find a fun and enjoyable way to help our pets lose the extra weight. That is why Pudgy Pups Fit Camp was created.

Pudgy Pups Fit Camp is a unique weight-loss program for your pet that covers more then just your average diet plan. It is overseen by our Rehabilitation Department and customized for each animal! The 8-week program includes:
  • Initial consultation
  • Dietary recommendations with weekly weigh-in’s
  • At home exercise program
  • Weekly hydrotherapy session
If you have any questions or are interested in signing up we would love to hear from you. Just ask for our rehabilitation department at (301)-926-3300.


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