Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Patient of the Week: Bogey

Reporting from the fishbowl:

Bogey is one of our beloved pets. He is a former doctor’s only child. I don’t think I could say enough about how he touched the lives here at VCA-VRA. Believe me, everybody here has their own story so, I’ll just tell you how I saw it.

Bogey is a loving, mild manned, sweet and very protected Pomeranian. He was very fond of several people in the hospital and we all lit up, just as he did when he saw us!!!!!

In the Fishbowl, we all had certain jobs that were expected of us by Bogey. For instance:  Nancy (his restroom valet), had his mid-morning dog biscuit and kisses available everyday.

Ana and the ward were responsible for his resting quarters, which entailed a nice and fluffy home-made (bogey-size bed) with water and another meal or snack, those persons------I won’t name to protect the guilty!!!!!

Sara, would then come in and interrupt his precious nap with the sound of her chair and her voice as she makes calls and the sound of the files hitting the desk---bad Sara !!! Then, there’s Deb who supplied his afternoon kisses, snacks, and the occasional toy drive and then, there’s  me, Angela Wheeler.

I’m the daycare playmate or athletic coach. When Bogey brings me his toy, I MUST STOP what
I’m doing and throw his toy around the room several times a day.  If I don’t get the hint, he stares
me or someone else down. What don’t I understand if I find the toy being dropped on my shoe????
I’m not sure if I got assigned to that duty because he felt I was overweight or what?(smile)

The Fishbowl is made up of all women . Just let someone walk in the room wrong or tap on our window. Bogey was our protector/ security dog. THE  MAN  OF  THE  FISHBOWL!!!! He loved us and we loved him, so much that Mom was often neglected.

Just like anything else—ALL GOOD THINGS MUST   COME TO AN END. Bogey moved  to pursue his cuteness with his mom to another home and hospital where I can only hope,
He will make other people as happy as he made us on a daily basis!


--Angela Wheeler


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