Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Story of the Barn

In Celebration of Our Thirtieth Year: Looking Back to Our Beginnings

"We're the big white barn with green trim and white silos. You can't miss us." You will overhear this phrase regularly at VCA VRA when receptionists give directions to potential clients. There is no better way to describe us. In 1981, Veterinary Referral Associates, Inc. in Gaithersburg, Maryland was one of the first referral-only veterinary hospitals in the world. We were located in a dairy barn then, and though many know us now as the "Johns Hopkins of veterinary medicine," we remain in the barn today.

What To Do if Your Dog Has Intervertebral Disc Disease?

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVD), also known as Degenerative Disc Disease or a “slipped disc,” is a very dangerous and painful ailment for your dog. If untreated, this issue will cause your dog extreme pain, and even rapidly cause total and irreversible paralysis.