Thursday, October 9, 2014

Patient of The Week: Paddy Bruder

My name is “Paddy” and I am a very tiny 5 year-old Yorkshire Terrier. In 2010, I was adopted by Ana Bruder (Internal Medicine Technician) after I almost died. My past owners mated me with a Chihuahua and as I went into labor, my little body could not handle it. My owners took me to the ER at VCA VRA and the doctors said I was suffering from dystocia (difficult labor/birthing), hypoglycemia and anemia.   

One of my pups was a still-birth and another was alive initially. Despite the fact that I was still in labor with one more puppy, my owners took me home against medical advice. They thought I could wait till my regular vet opened. The doctors at VCA checked on my well-being in the morning and my owners told them they could not afford to take me to my regular vet. At this point I was not doing well, really I was dying. At that time they decided to surrender me. 

VCA did an emergency surgery and I was spayed to save my life. My recovery was long and tough, but I made it! I was blessed at the end of such ordeal by finding my Ana. She said when she saw me she knew I was made to be with her! My life is great now and for that I am grateful.


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