Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Outside the Office: The Run Club with Lauren Pagonis

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love to run. I have done several 5ks, one Tough Mudder, two different 10k trail running series and the George Washington Parkway 10 miler. I got started running when my husband was stationed in Okinawa Japan as a Marine Corps MP. Running was my time to not think about what was going on in my life and just RUN.

Last September my husband and I ran in the Damascus Freedom 5k. This is one of my favorite running events because all the money raised to participate is donated to different veterans associations. The race is run in honor of September 11, 2001. All of the food, music, timing equipment and anything else needed for the race is donated by different businesses in Damascus. It is a real hometown race and makes me proud to be from Damascus.

This year I am the assistant coach for the Damascus Freedom Kids Running Club. The club is completely free to the kids and meets three times a week, two running days and one gym conditioning day. The goal of the running club is to prepare the kids to run in the up coming Freedom 5k on September 7. There are about 18 kids total, ranging in age from three years old to 11 years old. All of them can run two miles at this point and most of the older kids can do three miles.

I wish everyone had as much enthusiasm about running as these kids do! If they can run so can you!


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