Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Outside The Office: Country Living

I live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and work as a critical care technician at VRA. I have been making the trek to VRA for almost five years. My boyfriend and I bought an old one room school house  that sits by itself on a little over a half acre lot surrounded by farmland. There is also a beautiful horse pasture across the road. It is very quaint and quiet with no neighbors close by.

There have been lots of renovations and additions since we moved in. One big addition was insulation in the attic. We found some really cool items in the attic; like an old terra cotta pipe and an old cast iron school desk. The hardwood floors in the living room and front steps located below the porch are original to the school house as well. We also have a wood stove in the basement which is the only heat source in our entire house. It has been a process hauling, sawing, splitting, and stacking firewood  for winter and figuring out how to keep it burning throughout the day and night.  We make our own fire starters and I even have my own chainsaw that my boyfriend has taught me to use. 

Every year our garden gets bigger and bigger. This year we have snap peas, green beans, peppers, cucumbers, celery, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, lettuce of all kinds, tomatoes of all kinds, and eggplant. Gardening is definitely time-consuming but very rewarding and my employees get to enjoy the garden vegetables as well. 

Our newest addition this year was back yard free-range chickens. We built our own coop out of reclaimed barn wood and salvaged a lot of things from our family’s’ garages to keep the cost down. We currently have eleven hens and are getting four brown eggs daily. It is too funny just watching them and keeping our herding dog from chasing them. 

Our house together has been and continues to be an exciting experience. When I am not at work, I am spending my time at home with my boyfriend and my dog, Tyler. Everyone, whether it’s fellow employees or clients, always asks me why I don’t move closer to work in Maryland but my cute little country life is very much home to me. 


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