Sunday, January 16, 2011

Should Your Dog Use A Walkin’ Wheels Cart?

At our animal rehabilitation center, VCA-VRA, we like to keep a full spectrum of Walkin' Wheels cart components. We like them because they are extremely adjustable, and they have a wide selection of components that we can send owners home with, eliminating the hassle of waiting for an order to be completed and shipped.

This video shows how the cart functions, and how it fits to your dog. If your dog has recently had surgery on its legs, it could be useful to use a cart to help recovery.

While carts are helpful to your dog in some situations, there are times when they might not be the best choice. For instance, if your home has stairs, or if your dog is very large, a cart might be a larger hassle than it is a benefit. Here is another video that shows how to put your dog in a Walkin’ Wheels healing cart.

If you have any questions, contact VCA-VRA today for more information!


  1. Can walkin' wheels be counter balanced for those with DM where there may be weakness in the front end?

  2. We actually haven't played around with the balance of the Walkin' Wheels but the long arm of the lateral and/or caudal bars would make it very easy to neatly place a weight in any of the four corners or balanced side to side. I think this would be pretty easy.

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