Sunday, January 16, 2011

Video Blog: Check Out Our Cat Rehabilitation Center

You know the saying "dogs have owners, but cats have servants." In any case cats frequently don't like to go through repetitive routines. Sadly, that's the basis of the typical animal rehabilitation exercise program. Meet Jeffery, a ten month old castrated male domestic short-haired cat who doesn't mind water and who is willing to let us "servants" recommend some repetitive exercises for OUR benefit.

With patience and a great team effort we can get cats into a routine that can lead to improvement in their quality of life issues. To learn more about our cat rehabilitation services, contact VCA-VRA today


  1. I've often wondered if anything could be done for my handicapped kitty. She had a spinal cord injury very early in life, and her hip sockets didn't form correctly. She seems to have full sensation in her back end, but she can not hold her legs beneath her to walk. She will occasionally manage to stand on them, but as soon as she moves, she loses stability. We're in the process of building her a cart.

    1. It's inspiring to read about your efforts. Please post your results or a picture/video if you have managed to create a cart for her that works. I hope she is doing well.

  2. Most cats don't take to restriction too well but Jeffery is not our first cat although he is the first who really doesn't mind (rather than enjoys) water. I think some cats are good subjects for a rehab routine. As we all have to do; we have to be creative. Getting "goodies" out of things is something that cats do like to do and it does work their limbs.

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