Thursday, June 19, 2014

What Do Veterinary Technicians Do?

Just like a human hospital, vet’s offices need more than just doctors to keep things running smoothly. That’s why at VCA-VRA, we hire only the best veterinary technicians! While our veterinarians handle prescribing medicine and deciding on treatment, vet techs help do a lot of the heavy lifting when a sick pet comes to our animal hospital.

Our veterinary technicians, like our veterinarians, are the best in the area! If your pet is ill, you’ll receive the best care and treatment at VCA-VRA’s Gaithersburg animal hospital.

Complete Pet Care at VCA-VRA

Becoming a vet tech is not an easy path! And it shouldn’t be. When you bring your pet to an animal hospital or veterinarian, you want to make sure they’re getting the best treatment from start to finish. VCA Veterinary Referral Associate’s veterinary technicians are all highly-trained and certified, including several that have specialty licensing to better assist our veterinary specialists in their fields. Vet techs help pets by often being the frontline in treatment. When a sick pet comes in, a vet tech:
  • Helps perform the initial examination. This is the first thing that has to be done when a pet comes to us. So don’t you want to make sure that the initial diagnosis and assessment is as accurate as possible? When you bring your pet to VCA-VRA, that’s exactly what you’ll get!
  • Provide initial first aid in an emergency. In an emergency, our vet techs can help your pet by providing first aid and assisting in emergency treatments. Sometimes the quick acting of a vet tech can be the difference in saving your pet!
  • Assist with administering medication. A vet tech will not only help administer initial medication, but they’ll instruct pet owners on how to administer it at home. Our veterinary technicians are skilled communicators and will make sure you know exactly what to do to keep your pet healthy! 

Meet Our Veterinary Technician Team

Meet our staff of veterinary technicians! With over 30 vet techs on staff, we’re prepared to handle any pet problem or emergency that comes through our doors. Each of our vet techs are highly motivated, caring, and intelligent individuals. 

If your pet is in need of treatment, VCA-Veterinary Referral Associates is the best in the Maryland and Washington, DC area. From our veterinary specialists to our high-tech equipment and our great supporting staff of veterinary technicians, we can treat any illness and handle any emergency. Contact us today for specialty veterinary treatment and emergency vet services in Maryland today! 


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