Saturday, September 25, 2010

Video Blog: Passive Range of Motion Exercise for Dogs

The Passive Range of Motion exercise or the PROM is a mainstay of the home exercise program. The idea behind this exercise is quite simple: one is to move a joint through a normal or limited range of motion to keep the joint itself and its associated structures healthy. This exercise can be used to keep tissue healthy while one is waiting for healing. These exercises can also be used to increase the joint's mobility towards normal. It is also useful to use these exercises to maintain joint health, including circulation and mobility in the face of degenerative conditions. Although it would be impossible to review range of motion exercises for every joint in the canine body or for every condition where this would be useful. The value of the embedded videos demonstrate the slow methodical motion that seems to work best. We will frequently include these types of exercises in our home animal rehabilitation programs.


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